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The Dominatrix Next Door

A Femdom BDSM Story
Out Now!
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Ada Worthington has been a professional writer for a number of years helping others in the world of writing and publishing writing a number of romance and fiction novels under other names. She has just recently taken the plunge into the exciting world of romance erotica. Her first three books are out now! Find her collection on her Amazon Author's page here!  


She is hard at work on her next book: A girl next door catches a peeping tom watching her and turns Femdom to put him in his place! Out Soon! 

My Books


Encounters in Paris Book 1

From Secretary to Slave:

A Workplace Femdom Erotica


Encounters in Paris Book 2

Absolute Control

A Femdom Revenge Story​

Her Holiday Toy:

A Sultry Femdom Erotica

The Dominatrix Next Door:

A First Time Femdom Erotica

Coming Soon

This book was a fun read, and I loved how the main male character, Scott, was introduced by fate to a dominant female character, Eva, that tested his sexual boundaries during a very hot flight to Paris! 

T.V. Lerreaux